Hymn for Her by Ames

Discover the singer and songwriter, Ames, behind the song "Hymn for Her." This song was a part of the soundtrack of Warrior Nun, and known for being featured during the Avatrice kiss scene. Kindness Untamed has also teamed up with Ames in creating an exclusive merch featuring "Hymn for Her". Proceeds from the merch will go towards Ames and Kindness Untamed, purchase the merch here.

Yinan Xia:  What inspired you to become a sing-songwriter? And how did you start?
Ames: I began writing songs when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was raised in a fundamental Christian environment, but even at a young age, I did not subscribe to it. I would take Hymns about God or Jesus and re-write the lyrics to suit my own life. I guess, when I first heard Fiona Apple's album TIDAL, I decided I wanted to be a singer-songwriter. Her music was the first "Angry" music I'd heard, and I liked how it made me feel. I was also angry. Haha.

YX: Tell us about your latest project!
Ames: The last song I released is called "Soak it in". I wrote about my relationship with time. It was inspired by a dear friend of mine who has been battling cancer and lately, she's been losing that battle. I'm not sure how much longer she has, but I want to spend as much time with her as I possibly can. It doesn't seem fair to me, that I seemingly have all the time in the world, while she's just grateful to wake up each morning. I guess in that regard, our individual relationships with time are very different. I used a baby picture of myself as the cover art because youth is so envied.

YX: How did you get into the music industry? What made you take the leap from a hobby to a profession. Are you independent or with a record label?
Ames: I moved to Los Angeles in 2004 from Honduras (where my parents are evangelical missionaries). I had spent my most formative years there and really learned to use songwriting as a means of therapy and communication. I'd been googling people who were involved in Fiona Apple's career, and cold-emailing them with my bio.... asking if I could send them my demos (all on cassette back then!). Just one person responded, but that was all it took. I sent them my tape, and we began corresponding over the next few years. When we finally met in person (in LA), they signed me to a publishing deal and I began my career at 19. I've been signed a few times to different labels/deals but at the moment, I am independent and learning how to do everything myself.

YX: What genre is your music? What topics do you usually enjoy writing about?
I would say, alternative, pop-ish? Cinematic but with dark undertones. I usually tend to lean toward darker/sadder concepts. I like to write things a bit more left of center and strange. I mainly keep to mid-tempos and I really enjoy writing ballads.

YX: Name one song/album that best represents you? Why did you choose it?
I would say "Hymn for Her" because it sums up my relationship with women and religion all in one song. Being a lesbian in a Christian community was difficult at times, but it has turned beautiful. I have a fiancé, Lauren, whom I love very much. All of the challenges I may have faced in my past, are all worth it when I look at her.

YX: If you could give upcoming artists some advice, what would it be?
Ames: I would say, only do this if you absolutely LOVE it. I have been writing songs all my life, and some days are great, some days are dark. Some years I barely make any money, and some years are financially fruitful. I'm 37, and I'll probably be writing songs until the day I die. If I didn't love it, I couldn't do it. It would be too difficult. It has to be more than a hobby. It has to be like... the only thing you want to do. Ever.

Hymn for Her

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