Upcoming Events

1/21/2024 Sun • 4pm ~ 9pm

Shadow Alley Market at Wormwood & Vine
7038 Harrisburg Blvd
Houston, TX 77011

1/27/2024 • Sat • 3pm ~ 8pm

A Heart Gallery at The Whimsy Artisan
123 W 18th St., Suite E
Houston, TX 77008

3/1/2024 • Fri • 6pm ~ 10pm

Rosewood Enchantikal Cottage
2414 Tackaberry St
Houston, TX 77009
(Park on Morris St)

6/22/2024 • Sat • All Day

Fish Plaza, Wortham Theater 
Downtown, Houston

About Us

Welcome to Sweet Nightmares, a collaborative venture by creators Bibi & Rila. Our journey began as vendors at Pearl Bar's Pride Market, where chance placed us as table neighbors. We soon found ourselves sharing a table, given the compact nature of our creations. Leveraging Bibi's expertise in web design, we extended our collaboration to an online shop with a catchy name (thank you Hayley) that combines both of our brands. Each online order is thoughtfully packaged as one, and if you're a local in Houston, feel free to message us for a convenient pick-up option at one of our markets.

Sweet Sapphic Dreams

Hi! I'm Bibi, a former accessories designer with 15+ years of experience working in New York City. Ever since I was little, I've always had vivid dreams each night. On the same night that I came out to my family, I dreamt of the most beautiful and vibrant rainbow monarch butterfly. Lately I've been exploring spirituality through the enchanting world of healing crystals and tarot cards. I hope you'll accompany me on this new path and join me in appreciating the mystical aspects of life that inspires my art and creativity.


Forget Your Nightmares

Hola It’s Rila! The Forget Your Nightmares name stems from being a little kid growing up with constant nightmares and sleep paralysis. Even into adulthood I couldn’t forget my nightmares, but I eventually gained a furry companion to help me cope with them. Horchata is the bichota/owner of the F.Y.N business. Our business is Latina owned, queer friendly, as well as eco conscious with a special interest in all things spooky! We strive to create products that inspire body positivity and all forms of self love!


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